Thanks for checking out my site. I am an SEO professional based in Bolton, Lancashire. I specialise in developing and fulfilling creative SEO strategies for businesses that have a genuine desire to be the best.

I have worked with individuals and brands across the UK and helped them compete and succeed on a local, national and even global level.

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My Agency: Bring Digital

Well some of you will have heard the whisperings about this, and for others it might come as a complete surprise…

# drumroll #

I’m pleased to announce the launch of Bring Digital, my new dedicated SEO agency.

Bring Digital Screen Shot

For those who are worried about change, fear not. It’s still myself and my skilled team, it’s just now we have a logo and a flashy site. 

Let’s be honest, it was getting pretty confusing having a team of people all operating under the name Mr David Ingram.

I’m still going to keep this site alive as my personal blog, however I will be posting more regularly over there.

Come and have a nosey around, then send me an email highlighting the spelling mistake you find.